Cleveland Scene Write-up


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Check out what the Cleveland Scene said about our new album!

“Turning Force is churning out heartfelt ballads that lack neither complexity nor intensity — they even get political a little later on with “Mother America.” The album’s early missteps aside, Speak 4 Yourself is inevitably a tour de force of red-blooded, inspiration rock, and a testament to the DIY ethic and what can be accomplished when two talented musicians morph late-night jam sessions into one complete work.”

Read the whole article here:

Songs for the Days of the Week


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This week, we are posting music about days of the week! Some of it is our taste in music and some of it just happens to be titled after a week day, but we hope you enjoy this blog series! Shout out to other talented musicians out there!





Monday Morning – Death Cab for Cutie (

Monday Monday – The Mamas & The Papas (

Manic Monday – The Bangles (

Come Monday Night – God Help the Girl (


Tuesday Morning – The Pogues (

Ruby Tuesday – Rolling Stones (

Tuesday’s Gone – Lynyrd Skynyrd  (

Tuesday’s Dead – Cat Stevens (


Wedesday Morning (3am) – Simon & Garfunkel (

Wednesday Week – The Undertones (

Spring, Summer, And Wednesdays – Status Quo  (

Wednesday – Tori Amos (


Sweet Thursday – Matt Costa (

Thursday – Morphine (

Jersey Thursday – Donovan (

Friday On My Mind – The Easybeats (

Ok, it’s Thursday and you’re wanting it to be Friday at this point so this song isn’t technically cheating…


Black Friday – Steely Dan (

Friday – Sunny Day Real Estate (

Friday’s Child – Nancy Sinatra (

Friday – Rebecca Black ( We all knew it was coming…


Saturday Morning – The Eels (

Saturday’s Child – The Monkees (

Someday I’ll Be Saturday Night – Bon Jovi (

Saturday Night Alright for Fighting – Elton John (


Sunday Morning – The Velvet Underground (

Sunday Girl – Blondie (

Sunday’s Pretty Icons – Belle & Sebastian (

Everyday is like Sunday – Morrisey (

Sunday, Bloody Sunday – U2 (

Turning Force may not have a song about a day of the week, but we recommend you give “Troubled Child” a listen!


What music should you listen to while working?


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What music should you listen to while working?

Looks like if you a construction worker, athlete, bartender, driver, programmer, or high school teacher you should listen to rock (regular, classic, or indie) music.

We suggest giving “Our Tomorrow” a listen. Check it out at:

Cleveland, Cincy Based Indie Rockers Turning Force Unleash Haunting Romp in New CD Release


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For Immediate Release

Media Contact: Chelsea Walker

                         The Eisen Agency



                           Twitter @ EisenHotNews


Cleveland, Cincy Based Indie Rockers Turning Force Unleash Haunting Romp in New CD Release

Speak 4 Yourself Lays Out 13 Melodic, Lyrical and Bluesy Rockers


Cincinnati, OH – July 17, 2013 – Cleveland based rock band Turning Force today officially releases its new 13 song CD “Speak 4 Yourself.” The bluesy, and hauntingly melodic album features “several potential singles,” according to the band’s management, and the band hopes not only for significant national airplay on rock stations, but will also pursue use of songs in both movie and television soundtracks.


Turning Force is comprised of lead vocalist/bassist Roddy Roeser and vocalist/guitarist Mark Savina. The pair also performed drums and percussion and co-wrote each of the songs. It was produced by Grant Kattman at Red Echo Post studios in Cincinnati.


The CD can be sampled, downloaded and purchased on most major online sites, such as Spotify, Amazon, iTunes, ReverbNation and CDBaby. The band is also casting, storyboarding and directing a video shoot for the band’s first major single release, “Moon Shine.”


For additional information, the band can be reached on Facebook at keyword Turning Force, and are available online at They are represented by entertainment PR firm The Eisen Agency in Cincinnati.


Guitars, Drums, and Microphones: Oh my!


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ImageCurious what instruments and equipment Rodger and Mark play? We are so glad you asked! Let’s talk music!

Rodger plays a Fender Precision bass. Mark plays a Barrington, an Ovation acoustic, and a G&L guitar. Both use Blue Steel guitar strings. Blue Steel strings are frozen with liquid nitrogen to create superior tone and long life!

Both band members use Tama drums and sample and Shure microphones.

How does all this magic come together? They use ProTools for production.